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Attempt & Conspiracy

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In the state of Minnesota, ATTEMPT and CONSPIRACY are punishable offenses. Having an attorney is a must to understand and defend your rights. Contact us today at 651-364-1508 to see how we can assist with your case!


What is it?

Minnesota law defines attempt as having the intention to commit a crime as well as doing an act that is a substantial step towards completion of that crime, as per MN Statute 609.17.

What are the penalties?

Those who attempt to commit a crime may be sentenced to the following:

  • if the maximum sentencing for the crime you intended to commit is life in prison, then you may be sentenced to no more than 20 years, or
  • for any other attempt, you may be sentenced to no less than 90 days and no more than half of the maximum imprisonment for that given crime, or
  • a fine of $100.


What is it?

More serious than attempt, conspiracy means that you have made secret plans with someone to commit an unlawful or harmful act, or to influence a third party individual to be arrested or prosecuted for a criminal charge while you know it to be a false charge. You can still be charged even if you or the person you conspire with are/is not a Minnesotan resident so long as the act was done within the state, as per MN Statute 609.175.

What are the penalties?

If charged for conspiracy, you may face the following:

  • if the intended crime is a misdemeanor, sentence to imprisonment is for no more than 90 days and/or to payment of a fine that is no more than $300, or
  • for murder in the first-degree or treason, sentencing to imprisonment is for no more than 20 years, or
  • for any other felony or gross misdemeanor, the sentencing to imprisonment and/or payment of the fine is no more than one-half that which is provided for that crime.

What should I do?

Contact us at 651-364-1508 to see how we can help with your case.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Minnesota law makes it a crime to operate a motor vehicle and they define the term motor vehicle as “every vehicle that is self-propelled and every vehicle that is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires. the term includes motorboats in operation and off-road recreation vehicles, but does not include a vehicle moved solely by human power. So your ATV’s, electric scooters and bikes, boats, jetskis, and yes, even your tractors, are fair game.