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Probation Violations

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PROBATION VIOLATIONS can be tricky to handle. As stated under MN Statute 609.14, when it appears that the defendant has violated any of the conditions of probation or intermediate sanction, or has otherwise been guilty of misconduct which warrants the imposing or execution of sentence, the court may without notice revoke the stay and direct that the defendant be taken into immediate custody.

Sometimes, however, certain situations or emergencies may have caused you to break some of the conditions of your release. It’s crucial that you have someone who understands your situation and can be your legal advocate. At Aberrant Law, we successfully handle probation violation cases and work to minimize these negative consequences for our clients. Call us today at 651-364-1508 to learn more about how we can help.

Frequently Asked Question

  • Minnesota law makes it a crime to operate a motor vehicle and they define the term motor vehicle as “every vehicle that is self-propelled and every vehicle that is propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires. the term includes motorboats in operation and off-road recreation vehicles, but does not include a vehicle moved solely by human power. So your ATV’s, electric scooters and bikes, boats, jetskis, and yes, even your tractors, are fair game.